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Raz SP - Self propelled Shower Commode Chair

Raz Design - Self Propelled Shower Commode Chair

Raz SP - Self propelled Shower Commode Chair

Raz Mobile Shower Commode Chairs - Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the discerning healthcare professional.

The Raz-SP mobile shower commode chair comes standard with 4” of height adjustment, an adjustable-tension fabric backrest, 22” rear wheels, 5” dual-locking casters, flip-up padded armrests, and a commode pan. The easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel frame is designed for easy side and front access by the user or attendant.

Only Raz offers the Ischial & Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS), which allows the commode seat aperture to be comfortably centered around the ischial tuberosities for clients with a posterior or anterior rotated pelvis. With so many adjustments and options available, the Raz-SP is a true prescriber-friendly, mobile shower chair.

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