Adult Wheelchairs: Van Os Excel G5 Modular Wheelchair

Van Os Excel G5 Modular Wheelchair

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Van Os Excel G5 Modular Wheelchair

Excel G5 Modular wheelchair is a lightweight, foldable wheelchair.

It is suitable for semi-permanent use and expandable with various accessories, with optional comfort upgrade available - for more support and to enable longer time in the chair without discomfort.

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The G5 modular is one of the most popular chairs in the series. The G System allows various features and options to be added to the standard frame.

The G5 Modular can even be fitted with the Silver Seating upholstery line, offering greater comfort if required.

The G5 Modular is supplied with as standard:

  • Adjustable push handles;
  • Depth adjustable armrests;
  • Height adjustable footrests;
  • Angle adjustment of the foot plates;
  • Angle adjustment for the front castors;
  • Standard seat cushion, folding and removable armrests.

Why Choose the G5 Modular?

  • Standard chair is very well equipped
  • Parts are interchangeable
  • Tension adjustable backrest
  • Height adjustable backrest

Excel G5 Modular is available as a self propel (24 "rear wheels) or as transit versions (12½" rear wheels).



Total height:

95 cm (height push handles, adjustable)

Total width:

Seat width + 22 cm

Total length:

109 cm (incl. footrests)

Total Weight:

14,9 kg

User Weight:

Max. 130 kg at seat width 35, 37½, 40 and 45 cm. 150 kg at seat width 50 and 55. 175 kg at seat width 60 cm.

Available colors:

Frame: Metallic silver | Zijframe: Gold/light blue metallic, Warm gold, Scuderia red, Pearly black

Seat width:

35, 37½, 40, 42½ 45, 47½, 50, 55 and 60 cm. Remark: seat width 55 and 60 cm is only possible in combination with seat depth 45, 47½ and 50 cm.

Seat depth:

40, 42½, 45, 47½, 50 and 52½ cm

Seat height:

45, 47½, 50, 52½ and 55 cm

Back height:

42½, 45 and 47½ cm (adjustable)

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.