SDMotionDrive |




Do you want the freedom to go further, faster? Or simply expend less energy moving around in your wheelchair? Add power assistance to your manual wheelchair and enjoy freedom at your fingertips.

SDMotionDrive converts your manual wheelchair into an electronically propelled chair, using a simple add-on powerpack and electric motors that are mounted discreetly in the wheels. You keep the look and feel of your manual wheelchair, with the added benefit of powered motion that gives you the option to cover longer distances and easily handle slopes or more tiring journeys.

The powerpack fits onto the back of your wheelchair, and runs the powerful motors, giving you up to 33km of range in a single charge. Take full control using the simple joystick, or opt for an attendant controller to allow your helper or carer to take over.

The wheels are fitted with quick release mechanisms, so they're easy to detach and store, or pop in the car boot. You can disconnect the motors any time you want to control your movement entirely by hand, so you know you're always getting the type of wheelchair you want, without compromise.


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