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Newton Airgrip Hand Rims


Newton Airgrip Hand Rims

Newton high-performance wheelchair components are born from our desire to abolish the status quo. The wheelchair industry is evolving and mobility and adaptability needs are increasingly being voiced. That’s why Newton reinvents part and accessory options for wheelchairs, to offer users an improved version. High-end performance and design, innovative technology and materials. A single glance will tell you it’s a Newton-quality component and once you try it, you won’t ever choose another brand.

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Newton offers another way to lighten your wheelchair while adding a splash of color and personal style. Newton Airgrips boast a coating that doesn’t crack or peel, making them easy on the hands. They’re also ultralight: 1 lb. (440 g) lighter than standard grips. Airgrips offer greater mobility, superior added friction on hands and are available in 11 eye-popping colors.

  • Added and improved friction
  • Won’t peel or crack
  • Available in 11 awesome colors