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Newton Stabilizer Bar


Newton Stabilizer Bar

Newton high-performance wheelchair components are born from our desire to abolish the status quo. The wheelchair industry is evolving and mobility and adaptability needs are increasingly being voiced. That’s why Newton reinvents part and accessory options for wheelchairs, to offer users an improved version. High-end performance and design, innovative technology and materials. A single glance will tell you it’s a Newton-quality component and once you try it, you won’t ever choose another brand.

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Newton Stabilizer Bar

Where conventional stabilizer bars require two hands to operate, the ingenious Newton Stabilizer Bar requires just one. Its easy slide mechanism releases the chair for faster folding and storage. Great for users who might lack the strength or dexterity to manipulate conventional systems, as well as any user who simply wants a faster and more convenient solution. The Newton Stabilizer Bar is sleekly designed for superior aesthetics and functionality.

  • Ingenious and unique mechanism
  • Easy slide mechanism for single-hand release and locking
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Safe and sure locking mechanism