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Leggero Reach Buggy


Leggero Reach Buggy

The REACH™ can be used at home or in school as a secondary chair. It is available in three frame sizes: 12”, 14,” and 16” seat widths, and allows for some degree of adjustment. It is also an excellent chair for children
who do not have complex positioning needs.

The REACH™ offers up to 13cm seat-depth adjustability, and up to six positions of seat-to-back angle adjustment at an angle of 5º between each position. The REACH™ allows for three fixed tilt-in-space settings of 10º, 20º, and 30º. The REACH™ has the smallest footprint when folded away and the brake locks can be used as a stand when the REACH™ is folded.

The REACH™ comes with a basic head support, but is also available with the option of adding the RESPOND™ head support for better cushioning and support. The REACH™ is adjustable in width through lateral pads designed
with built-in slots with velcro attachments. For children who require low to mid level of support, the REACH™ is a good option.


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