Peadiatric Seating: Synetik Sego Paediatric Seating System

Synetik Sego Paediatric Seating System


Synetik Sego Paediatric Seating System

This innovative product allows for simple, yet precise adjustments to better suit the size and physical condition of the child. All adjustments can be made using one allen key, which is supplied.

The SEGO Seating System provides a "growability" factor ensuring comfort and stability. When purchased the chair comes complete with additional pads/cushions that are used when the seat needs to be expanded or reduced. So there is no need to buy new complete cushions when re-sizing is required. All the SEGO's pads/cushions are machine washable and dryable.

The seat features adjustable backrest angle and tilt-in-space to allow almost infinite adjustment possibilities. The SEGO seat weighs a mere 13lbs (5.89Kg), making it easy to move the seat from the Hi-Lo frame to a buggy and back again when needed.

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