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Tru-Comfort Plus


Tru-Comfort Plus

TRU-Comfort Seating and Positioning products provide adjustable positioning and pressure management and are compatible with both TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems and the Synergy® Seat Frame System.
A deep contoured, high-density molded foam seat cushion with a viscoelastic total top layer, makes for superb comfort and support. 


Four-way stretch, recovery, fluid-resistant, breathable cover .
Additional 1" of viscoelastic foam in seat cushion for maximum comfort and pressure management.
Pelvic well.
High contour side for femur positioning.
Reduces pressure (ischial tuberosities).



 Model   TRU-Comfort 2 Seat Cushion  TRU-Comfort 2 Back Cushion
 Code   E2603/E2604 (Skin Protection)   E2620/E2621 (Positioning)
 Weight Capacity   450 lbs   450 lbs
 Sizes   16"W x 14"D - 22"W x 24"D   4-Way Stretch Back Assemblies: 12"W x 11"H - 28"W x 17"H
Overall Height 4"