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When configuring a wheelchair, the importance of rear wheels positioning can’t be overstated. Properly positioned rear wheels ensure effective propelling and also reduce the risk of injuries from upper-limb overuse.

Raz Design’s custom made shower commode seats

As we know, people come in different shapes and sizes.

With this in mind, medical and rehab equipment must reflect the unique characteristics of each person. This is especially important for those who require a rehab shower commode chair. Raz Design recognizes that off-the-shelf designs do not work for everyone.

One Less Expense: The Raz-CAT Shower Commode Chair

One Less Expense: The Raz-CAT Shower Commode Chair

One Less Expense: The Raz-CAT Shower Raising a child is not an easy job. Giving them the best care possible has many different challenges. As children grow and develop, additional challenges and expenses are incurred. They outgrow clothing before they wear it out. Car seats need to be replaced with booster seats.

Helping with the challenges and hardships associated with neuro-muscular diseases.

If anyone knows about the challenges and hardships associated with neuro-muscular diseases, it’s Nadine Kirby. Nadine is the creator of the nation-wide “Light It Up Green For MD” campaign, which is designed to create awareness of the many types of muscular dystrophy disease.

The (Not-So) Hidden Costs of Pressure Injuries

Roughly 50% of all admissions and 8% of all deaths at specialized spinal-injury hospitals are due to pressure sores, now commonly referred to as pressure injuries. These numbers indicate that pressure injuriesi represents one of the most pressing issues in the healthcare industry. The cost to individuals, health institutions, and governments is large enough that this issue cannot be ignored.


Education Workshop

Our Education Workshop covers in depth training on the principals Seating and will look at the goals of seating, postural abnormalities, pressure management, risk assessments and how to conduct a basic or detailed seating assessment.

RAZ - Different Sized Backs For Different Sized Clients

 Did you know… Raz Design Inc. can provide shower commode chair back frames that are either wider or narrower than the base frames?

Why would you want this?