Seating - 247 Medical Equipment UAE


Education Workshop

Our Education Workshop covers in depth training on the principals Seating and will look at the goals of seating, postural abnormalities, pressure management, risk assessments and how to conduct a basic or detailed seating assessment.

What to Expect

Our Education Workshop is a full day training event suitable for multi disciplinary teams.  The event will be delivered by one of our specialist occupational therapists.  During the workshop, delegates will get an opportunity to trial the chairs.  Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance endorsed by the 247 Medical Equipment L.L.C.


Learning Outcomes 

  •  How to identify and accommodate complex postural and spinal presentations such as kyphosis, scoliosis and pelvic obliquity, in seating.
  • Learn how to conduct Assessments.
  • Best practice tips to minimise risk of clinical negligence cases due to avoidable pressure ulcers/injuries developing in patients.