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Beds and Mattresses

A complete range of electrically adjustable profiling beds and mattresses. Profiling beds and mattresses for home, community and residential care environments. Here you will find our range of high-quality electric profiling beds suitable for home, community or residential care environments. Our range includes standard and low-height beds, bariatric XXL models, automated turning beds, and profiling adjustable divan beds with mattresses that will look stunning in your bedroom.


These products are typically used for patients with disabilities, poor mobility, and the elderly. All beds are completely adjustable depending on the patient’s needs, allowing easy access to and from the bed and lessening the risk of falls and pressure injuries. We also supply bariatric profiling beds as well as an extensive range of pressure-relieving mattresses, which are clinically proven to provide numerous benefits for individuals vulnerable to or at elevated risk of pressure damage.


The backrest and leg section can be adjusted to an upright position by the user to a suitable position for them. They are adaptable and offer support in critical areas such as the knees, hips, back, neck and head. They have been designed to cater to a wide variety of patients, including the disabled, elderly and obese.