Mobile Hoists

Mobile hoists are used to transfer people from a bed to a wheelchair, toilet chair, bathtub or commode. A full-body lift is used for non-weight bearing residents, residents who have physical limitations (i.e. quadriplegic or amputee), and/or bariatric residents. A full-body lift supports the entire weight of the resident with a sling that is attached to a swivel bar on the boom of the lift.

Manual lifting of a resident poses a real threat to caregivers and residents. Full body lifts minimize caregiver back and shoulder injuries. In addition, full body lifts are much safer for the resident than manual transfers where there is a greater risk of dropping or mishandling the resident. Our mobile hoists are very stable and require very little force to push or pull even with a bariatric resident in the sling. Invacare slings are designed to reduce the risk of skin tear and abrasion.

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