ADI Q-Back Cushion

  • High-quality Lycra cover
  • Quantum integration
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Holes for mounting headrests


The idea behind the design of the Q-Back is to allow for seamless integration of the ADI back support line to the Quantum TB3 Power Positioning System. This combination will grant the consumer an array of back support height, width, depth and profile options for their multifunctional Quantum TB3 System, resulting in a highly sophisticated seating package. The new Q-Back includes a high-quality Lycra cover to complement the anti-shear features of the TB3 system and offer water resistance and breathability.

The hole pattern on the Q-Back is designed for ease of installation to the TB3 backplate as well as offering height adjustability in .5” increments equaling a total of 3.5” of height adjustment. Additional slots have been included on the Q-Back to integrate Stealth laterals and positioning straps, includes with pre-drilled holes for mounting headrests.

New XX-Tall (22”) height option.

Preventing pressure ulcers

It can be difficult to completely prevent pressure ulcers, but there are some things you or your care team can do to reduce the risk.

These include:

  • Regularly changing your position – if you’re unable to change position yourself, a relative or carer will need to help you
  • Checking your skin every day for early signs and symptoms of pressure ulcers – this will be done by your care team if you’re in a hospital or care home
  • Have a healthy, balanced diet that contains enough protein and a good variety of vitamins and minerals – if you’re concerned about your diet or caring for someone whose diet may be poor, ask your GP or healthcare team for a referral to a dietitian
  • Stopping smoking – smoking makes you more likely to get pressure ulcers because of the damage caused to blood circulation

If you’re in a hospital or care home, your healthcare team should be aware of the risk of developing pressure ulcers. They should carry out a risk assessment, monitor your skin and use preventative measures, such as regular repositioning.

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  • Heights – Standard (16”), Tall (18”), X-Tall (20”), XX-Tall (22”)
  • Widths – 16”, 18”, 20”
  • Contours – Active (2.5”), Deep (4”), Extra Deep (6”)
  • Profiles – AL Series (Scapular Cut-Out), AFT Series (Flat Top)