Synetik Sego Paediatric Seating System

  • Toolless adjustment
  • Grows with the user
  • Strengthens muscles and limbs
  • Increases stability in the hips
  • Improves/maintains range of motion


The Synetik Sego Paediatric Seating system provides a “growability” factor, ensuring comfort and stability. When purchased, the chair comes complete with additional pads/cushions when the seat needs to be expanded or reduced. So there is no need to buy new complete cushions when re-sizing is required. All the SEGO pads/cushions are machine washable and dryable.

The seat features an adjustable backrest angle and tilt-in-space, allowing almost infinite adjustment possibilities. The SEGO seat weighs a mere 13 lbs (5.89 kg), making it easy to move the seat from the Hi-Lo frame to a buggy and back again when needed. This innovative product allows for precise yet straightforward adjustments better to suit the size and physical condition of the child. All adjustments can be made using one Allen key, which is supplied.

Pediatric adaptive seating benefits: Doing away with passive sitting and symmetrical positioning.

Individuals who are not mobile have little active experience with gravity. Children with neuromotor impairments such as hypertonicity are often in seating systems in which they are “stabilized” by “not moving.” Restricted, static, symmetrical seated postures do not allow for active pelvic stabilization. As a result, these children have further difficulty learning how to integrate sensory-motor information for functional seated motor skills, especially head/eye/hand coordination.

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Synetik SEGO Children’s Seating & Positioning System

  • Sizes 1 to 4 years of age (additional cushioning for growth included)
  • Stable postural support
  • Tilt in space
  • Recline
  • Comfortable “grow-ability.”
  • Precise pelvic and thoracic positioning
  • Adjustable abduction components
  • Ultra-lightweight (13Lbs/5.89Kg)
  • Machine washable cushioning
  • Practical high-low chassis base option
  • Durable, fully-featured Buggy Base option
  • Compatible with stroller and wheelchair interfaces
  • Available colours: Blue & Red
  • Size 5 to 8 years (coming early 2018)


  • Seat width: 18-21cm
  • Seat depth: 19-24cm
  • Capacity: 50kg
  • Back height: 31-37cm