Synetik Vertiflex Adult Standing Frame


The Synetik Vertiflex Adult Standing Frame offers a multi and single position stander designed to fit the broadest range of children and accommodate positioning challenges few others can. In addition, each standing frame can be configured using a wide array of accessories based on the user’s needs.

The functional design of the vertiflex lines allows for exact adjustments that ensure optimal use and comfort.

Our personalised approach responds specifically to the needs of the individual to contribute to their health and wellbeing. Our structured system not only meets but exceeds industry requirements.

Pediatric Adaptive Seating Benefits: Doing Away With Passive Sitting and Symmetrical Positioning

Individuals who are not mobile have little active experience with gravity. Children with neuromotor impairments such as hypertonicity are often in seating systems in which they are “stabilized” by “not moving.” Restricted, static, symmetrical seated postures do not allow for active pelvic stabilization. As a result, these children have further difficulty learning how to integrate sensory-motor information for functional seated motor skills, especially head/eye/hand coordination.

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