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Warranty Certificate/Terms & Conditions

Warranty terms & Conditions:

The Limited Warranty on stairlifts is valid for 36 months and excludes normal wear and tear, and will not be deemed valid if the equipment is subject to abnormal or abusive conditions or handling. The warranty period starts from the date of the completed installation.

This Warranty shall apply where:

  • The Stairlift is installed by 247 Medical Equipment LLC
  • Annual Maintenance has been carried out by 247 Medical Equipment LLC in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for Service and maintenance.
  • Stairlifts must be serviced and inspected twice a year by 247 Medical Equipment LLC; if lifts are not serviced/inspected twice a year, the warranty shall be deemed null and void.
  • The Stairlift System has been used under normal circumstances and in accordance with instructions in the user manual.

Additional conditions/terms:

247 Medical Equipment does not reimburse travel or any other related expenses, subsistence, or hours in any form whatsoever. 

The warranty does not cover normal “wear and tear” and excludes batteries, rollers, Damage due to vandalism, accident, incorrect use, user errors, misuse of product, unauthorized modifications, alterations/modifications to the product or any unauthorized third party* intervention on the product (*third party means any other company or person other than 247 Medical Equipment LLC)

  • The transportation cost of replacement parts is not included in the warranty.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to provide copies of the equipment service reports at the time of claiming for warranty.
  • Any faulty parts must be returned to 247 Medical Equipment within 4 weeks and must be packaged properly to prevent any additional damage.
  • The warranty is not transferable or refundable, and it applies only to the first (initial) installation; it will apply for replacement parts only for the remaining period of the warranty.

The above terms and conditions are subject to change and may vary without prior notification

Extended Warranty terms

247 Medical Equipment offers Extended Warranty Terms for all its stairlifts. All conditions mentioned above for the standard Warranty Terms shall also apply to the Extended Warranty Terms.

Premium Warranty: 4 Years (48 Months) Price is 1290 AED

Premium Plus Warranty: 5 Years (60 months) Price is 1,999 AED inclusive of 1 set of batteries if required.

The above Extended Warranty terms and conditions are subject to annual changes and may vary without prior notification

Warranty Certificate 4 years
Warranty Certificate 5 years

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