ICON Standing Hoist

  • Belt and knee supports
  • Emergency floor lifts
  • Rotatable hand grips
  • 165kg weight limit


The ICON Standing Hoist and transfer aid for the home, institution and care sector support activation and mobilisation in one. The compact construction is ideal for small spaces and non-standard-width doorways. Patients can be moved directly to a bathtub, toilet or bed and back in a standing position without heavy lifting from a wheelchair. The electric leg spreading enables the unit to be close to chairs, beds or wheelchairs, which helps with stabilising the transfer process. The standing hoist is also capable of emergency floor lifts using an optional sling for the purpose. With a safe working load of 165kg, the ICON Standing Hoist is suitable for most users.

Standing hoist or patient lifter

A standing hoist is used when a person has difficulty standing but can still do so with some assistance. These are good for transferring from bed to chair or similar activities. Similar to a portable hoist, but is not intended to be a complete full-body lift.


Suitable for quick transfers that involve sitting to stand and back again. Also, suitable for transporting people in a sitting position.


Requires flat, level floors can be challenging to manoeuvre on carpets. Requires effort to move and position correctly. Challenging to lift from standard domestic beds and seating as the legs need to pass under the furniture. It can put pressure on the lower legs causing pain, not usually suitable for people with limited joint movement.

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  • Removable footplate
  • Electric Leg spreader to stabilise the unit
  • Supplied with a standard 2 strap lifting belt/harness/sling
  • Optional 4 strap belts are available for a smoother, easier, more comfortable lift & lower
  • Floor lift belt/sling available