Stealth Lightning Child Stroller

  • Extremely rugged
  • Beautiful and durable package
  • Crafted with 7000 series aluminum


The Stealth Child Stroller is a lightweight, highly functional pediatric mobility stroller designed with a recreational look that complements today’s lifestyle. The Stealth Child Stroller is an innovative vehicle specifically constructed to be highly rugged and incredibly convenient for transporting and storing due to its easy-operate stand and fold feature.

The Stealth Child Stroller is crafted with 7000 Series aluminium used for aircraft structural members because of its superb strength-to-weight properties. The Lightning is a strikingly bright choice for function, performance, and durability in a beautiful package!

Pediatric adaptive seating benefits: Doing away with passive sitting and symmetrical positioning.

Individuals who are not mobile have little active experience with gravity. Children with neuromotor impairments such as hypertonicity are often in seating systems in which they are “stabilized” by “not moving.” Restricted, static, symmetrical seated postures do not allow for active pelvic stabilization. As a result, these children have further difficulty learning how to integrate sensory-motor information for functional seated motor skills, especially head/eye/hand coordination.

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Dimension Reference LT11 LT14 LT16
Seat Width (Between Canes) 11in (27.94cm) 14in (35.56cm) 16in (40.64cm)
Seat Width (Outside Canes) 12 3/4in (32.39cm) 15 3/4in (40.01cm) 16 3/4in (42.55cm)
Seat Depth 10in (25.40cm) to 12in (30.48cm) 12in (30.48cm) to 14in (35.56cm) 16in (40.64cm) to 18in (45.72cm)
Width Between Armrests 13 1/2in (34.29cm) 16 1/4in (41.28cm) 17 1/2in (44.45cm)
Overall Width 19 1/2in (49.53cm) 24in (60.96cm) 25in (63.50cm)
Overall Height (With Push Handle) 36in (91.44cm) 36in (91.44cm) 38in (96.52cm)
Overall Length (With Footplate) 38in (96.52cm) 42in (106.68cm) 44in (111.76cm)
Overall Length (Without Footplate) 31in (78.74cm) 35in (88.90cm) 37in (93.98cm)
Length Wheel to Wheel 27in (68.58cm)
Seat to Floor 20in (50.8 cm) @ 11in (27.94 cm) 21in (53.34 cm) @ 14in (35.56 cm) 22in (55.88cm)
Seat Angle (Dump) 30°
Back Uphostery 19 1/4in (48.90cm) 24in (60.96cm) 24 3/4in (62.87cm)
Seat to Footrest 1in (2.54cm) to 12in (30.48cm) 1in (2.54cm) to 17in (43.18cm)
Back Angle Settings 85°, 90° and 95°
Folded Dimensions 19.25in (48.90 cm) Width
19.25in (48.90 cm) Depth
25.5in (64.77 cm) Height
24in (60.96 cm) Width
19.25in (48.90 cm) Depth
27.5in (68.85 cm) Height
25in (63.5 cm) Width
16in (40.64 cm) Depth
28in (71.12 cm) Height
Weight of Chair (w/o Riggings) 25lbs (11,340.00g) 27lbs (12,247.20g) 28lbs (12,700.80g)
Weight Capacity 75lbs (34,020.00g) 100lbs (45,360.00g) 150lbs (68,040.00g)
Frame Color Silver
Color Choices Navy Blue / Red Glow
Front Wheels 6in (15.24cm)
Rear Wheels 10in (25.40cm)
Headrest Extension Adds 6in (15.24cm) of Height
Width of Back Seat (Tube to Tube) 11in (27.94cm) 14in (35.56cm) 15in (38.10cm)
Width of Back Seat Outside (Tube to Tube) 12 3/4in (32.39cm) 15 1/2in (39.37cm) 16 3/4in (42.55cm)
Seat to Top of Back (Upholstery) 20 1/4in (51.44cm) 24in (60.96cm) 25in (63.50cm)
Seat to Top of Back (to Handle) 25in (63.50cm) 28in (71.12cm)
Footplate 7 1/4in (18.42cm) x 5 7/16in (13.81cm)
Footplate Adjustment
(for and aft)
2in (5.08cm)
Footplate Mounts
(Outside Width)
15 3/4in (40.01cm) 16in (40.64cm) 17in (43.18cm)
Tubing 7/8in (22.23mm)
Overal Length
(w/o Riggings)
26 1/2in (67.31cm) 29 1/2in (74.93cm) 34in (86.36cm)