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Raz-CAT Shower Commode Chair

For parents of children with physical disabilities, the cost of specialized equipment such as special needs strollers, wheelchairs, shower commode chairs and adapted vans are added burdens. These children, not only outgrow their clothes, but they also outgrow some of their special needs equipment. Although many special needs devices can accommodate a child’s growth, the capability for growth is limited. The adaptability of a shower chair is crucial when one considers that, between the ages of 5 and 19, the average female will grow in height from roughly 109cm to 163cm while the average male grows from about 110cm to 175cm.


Parents can spend between $2000 and $3000 USD for a pediatric shower commode chair. From the time a child is provided with an initial device until adolescence, it is not uncommon for the parents to have purchased one or two successively larger sized chairs in order to accommodate growth. This is due to the limited growth capabilities of many devices. At two or three thousand dollars per chair, this adds up to become a very significant expense.

Raz Design eliminates this problem with the new Raz-CAT, (Compact Attendant Tilt) rehab shower commode chair. The seat depth on the stainless steel frames can be adjusted from 11” to 16”. Available back widths are 14” 16” and 18”.


This growth range means that the Raz-CAT can last from when the child first needs a shower commode chair until well into adolescence and beyond.

Raising children to the age of 18 is an expensive proposition. As of 2013, it is estimated that providing for a child in the middle class will cost close to $250,000 USD. The added expenses of raising a child with a disability only increase these costs. However, some of these expenses can be reduced by purchasing equipment that can be used longer. Raz is the long-term solution for function and value.


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