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Raz Design’s commode seats

As we know, people come in different shapes and sizes Raz Design’s commode seats offers a great variety of options for those who need a shower commode chair.


With this in mind, medical and rehab equipment must reflect the unique characteristics of each person. This is especially important for those who require a rehab shower commode chair. Raz Design recognizes that off-the-shelf designs do not work for everyone.


Client needs will vary according to an individual’s unique combination of physical size, weight, shape, posture, disability, skin integrity and sitting tolerance. A one-size-fits-all seat cannot possibly meet the wide range of needs. Seating that meets the needs of one client could be completely wrong for another. For example, a small female with Spina Bifida will likely have very different postural and seating requirements than a larger adult male with a spinal injury.


An inappropriately-fitting seat may have far-reaching negative implications, including functional limitations, discomfort and possibly pressure injuries. For these reasons, Raz custom seats have become a major part of our product offering.


Although we offer 26 standard configurations, it is impossible to meet the needs of everyone without offering custom design and fabrication. With Raz Design, customers can specify the size, shape, or structure of the seat. Raz Design can make custom Visco foam seats to accommodate pelvic obliquity, leg length discrepancy and aperture widths from 3” to 9” wide. Custom seats can be made up to 4” wider than the frame size to support clients with heavy thighs while openings for access can be made at different angles and with different widths.


Custom seats have also been made with a combination of Visco foam and a polymer pad. If requested, a drawing of the seat can be provided prior to ordering. And because customer satisfaction is paramount, Raz will provide one free re-make of any seat that doesn’t meet the customer’s needs.

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