Leggero Trak

  • Rear Suspension
  • Weight capacity of 36 kg
  • Chair weight 13 kg
  • Folds Compactly


The Leggero Trak is a functional and highly adjustable buggy. For parents who prefer not to see their children in a wheelchair, the track is an excellent option. It provides postural support and provides a range of adjustments to fit a child’s body precisely. The most significant benefit of the Trak is growth adjustability which means it offers seat/back length, depth, and angle adjustments to accommodate growing children. The Trak delivers excellent positioning and postural support to the child, similar to that achieved in a wheelchair.

It comes with lateral trunk supports and optional hip guides that can be adjusted to different height and width settings to support the trunk and pelvis of the child. Available with a responsive contoured seating system, including lumbar support, the Trak is a comfortable buggy to sit in; the seating system contours the body to provide the right fit. The Trak is comfortable, easily foldable, and adjustable. In addition, the arm supports of the Trak are height adjustable. This makes it a great buggy that can be used instead of a primary wheelchair.

Pediatric adaptive seating benefits: Doing away with passive sitting and symmetrical positioning.

Individuals who are not mobile have little active experience with gravity. Children with neuromotor impairments such as hypertonicity are often in seating systems in which they are “stabilized” by “not moving.” Restricted, static, symmetrical seated postures do not allow for active pelvic stabilization. As a result, these children have further difficulty learning how to integrate sensory-motor information for functional seated motor skills, especially head/eye/hand coordination.

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Seat Depth 6.5-15 in / 17-38 cm 6.5-15 in / 17-38 cm
Seat Width 6-12 in / 15-30 cm 8-14 in / 20-36 cm
Lower Leg Length 4-17 in / 10-43 cm 4-17 in / 10-43 cm
Back Height 12-19 in / 30-48 cm 13-19 in / 33-49 cm
Hip Angle Adjustment 90°, 105°, 120° 90°, 105°, 120°


Maximum Chair Capacity 80 lbs 36 kg
Push Handle Height 40-50 in 101-127 cm
Weight 29 lbs 13 kg
Overall Width 24.5 in 62 cm
Front Caster Diameter 7 in 25 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 16 in 41 cm
Folded without rear wheels 35x17x25 in 89x43x64 cm
Folded with wheels 36x20x25 in 92x51x64 cm
Reversing Width 41 in 104 cm
Maximum Safe Slope



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