Van Os Excel G5 Modular Junior Wheelchair

  • Seat & backrest tension straps
  • Quick-release rear wheels
  • Weight capacity of 80 kg
  • Crash test approved


The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Junior Wheelchair is equipped with many G5 ‘Modular’ options. The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Junior Wheelchair is standard delivered as a self propel (22” air rear wheels) with height-adjustable push handles; strapped backrest provided with lamellae lining; flexible strapped seating is provided with a standard cushion; adjustable back height (40, 42½ and 45cm); swing-away and detachable footrests with adjustable lower leg length; back angle adjustment (90-105o); height-adjustable armrests with short arm pads and height adjustable and detachable anti-tip wheels.

Besides all these standard adjustments, the G5 ‘Modular’ Junior Wheelchair has an extra seat width adjustment option. The G5 ‘Modular’ Junior has a width adjustment in the cross and a strapped backrest and seating. The chair can be adjusted in seat widths 35, 37½ and 40cm. The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Junior grows along with the user.

General manual wheelchair maintenance recommendations

  • Daily maintenance recommendations:
    • Wipe off any visual dirt and debris and clean
    • Ensure parts are in working order and engaged adequately, especially wheel locks
  • Weekly maintenance recommendations:
    • Disinfect the wheelchair as needed
    • Check tire pressure and inflate if needed
    • Check wheel locks
  • Monthly maintenance recommendations:
    • Remove hair from casters
    • Inflate tires if needed
    • Check all hardware, and tighten as needed
  • Quarterly maintenance recommendations:
    • Check wheel locks after inflating tires
    • Free spin all wheels and casters to check bearings
    • Clean all parts while performing thorough maintenance
    • Check cushion and backrest, including padding/hardware/covers
  • Yearly maintenance recommendations:
    • Have the wheelchair inspected by a qualified technician

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Your reason to choose the Excel G5 ‘Modular Junior’ Wheelchair:

  • Designed from the already proven concept of the G5 ‘Modular’!
  • A sophisticated and compact solution
  • Easy to use
  • Thanks to its many adjustments, it arrives complete in its basic form.
  • Easy to fold and carry along
  • Available with a wide range of spoke guards
  • Grows along with the end-user
  • Available in Silver metallic with sparkling blue metallic accents, Silver metallic with sparkling pink metallic accents, Silver metallic with sparkling green metallic accents


Total height: 83 cm (height push handles, adjustable)
Total width: Seat width + 21 cm
Total length: 90 cm (incl. footrests)
Total Weight: 14,9 kg
User Weight: Max. 80 kg
Available colors: Frame: Metallic silver | Side frame: blue metallic, pink metallic, green metallic
Seat width: 35, 37½ and 40 cm
Seat depth: 35, 37½ and 40 cm
Seat height: Front: 40, 42½, 44, 45½ and 46,5 cm. Back: 38, 40, 42½, 44 and 45 cm
Back height: 40, 42½ and 45 cm

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. The range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.