SD Motion Assist Plus

  • Option of NiMH or lithium battery
  • Unit weight 14kg
  • Range of 11 miles
  • Quick-release wheels


The SD Motion Assist Plus system delivers two-speed power assistance for your manual wheelchair. Each light push on the hand rim is detected by electronic sensors, which transform this forward motion to three times the power with the help of powerful electric motors. Using these powered wheels can enable you to travel long distances and even overcome slopes and ramps.

• Lightweight 14kg unit
• Option of NiMH or lithium battery
• Up to 18km range with lithium battery
• Quick-release wheels and highly efficient brushless motors

Each manual wheelchair we adapt is carefully configured to suit your requirements and strength. Transform your manual wheelchair into a power chair with the SDMotionAssistPlus add-on electric propulsion system.

Programmed to suit your strength, the motion assist system has two speeds and is perfect for providing a little extra strength without the need to transfer to a fully-powered wheelchair. Adding powered wheels to your wheelchair helps you travel longer distances and easily traverse slopes and ramps. Powerful motors increase the forward motion from you pushing on the wheels to three times the power, allowing you to maintain your upper body mobility while providing an extra boost as you move.

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Programmable to suit customer’s needs

  • Dealer can program the system to suit an individual’s strengths
  • Delivers the power required to suit the individual

Wheel hub motor

  • Brushless motors
  • Highly efficient, developed to be compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs.
  • The built-in braking function controls the wheelchair’s speed safely and effectively down slopes.

Battery pack

  • Battery pack – small and compact with a range of up to 33km
  • Choice of Ni-Mh or Li-ion batteries
  • Carry handles make removing for charging or transporting easy
  • Better battery

Quick-release wheels

  • Quick-release catches to ensure the wheels can be removed for transporting

Anti tippers

  • It prevents possible backward tipping and can be retracted when not required

Left and right switches

  • On/off switch – for easy switching between manual and powered status
  • Mode switch – choice of power/effort