Newton Ultracaster Front Casters

  • 16% more tear-resistant
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made from composite or aluminum


16% more tear-resistant than the leading brand and 10% lighter, Newton Ultracaster wheels give you a more efficient way to move around! Built to minimise rolling resistance and increase speed, comfort and mobility. The Composite Ultracaster is nine times more durable than the leading brand. Aluminium has higher efficiency and requires less maintenance. Available in three sizes: 4″, 5″, 6″ and composite or aluminium.

The Newton Story: Newton’s high-performance wheelchair components are born from Newton’s impatience with the status quo. Every Newton component represents a total rethink of what’s possible. High-end performance and design with innovative technology and materials and head-turning aesthetics. A single glance tells you it’s a Newton component. A single test drive confirms it. So upgrade your ride; get Newton.

Front casters for manual wheelchairs – a practical guide.

Tips and Advice

When we look at manual wheelchair design, there are many components that can impact performance and ride characteristics for the user. While we pay a lot of attention to frame design and configuration, we often don’t give the same amount of attention to some of the smaller options such as the front casters.

By Motion Composites- Published September 30th, 2021.

Just how significant are those small wheels on the front of your wheelchair? Very! Casters are:

  • The first point of contact within a new environment
  • A large influence on the ride characteristics of the wheelchair
  • Setup to have a direct effect on the efficiency of propulsion for the end-user
  • Directly impacting the front seat-to-floor height and the lower extremity positioning options

There are many components to consider when selecting the type of caster that is the correct one for an end-user.

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When it comes to overall energy efficiency and comfort, every detail counts—especially where the rubber hits the road. That’s why we engineered Newton Ultracasters for reduced rolling resistance, giving you more incredible speed, comfort and mobility. Plus, it’s a Newton component, which means sleek design and flawless functionality. These ultralight wheelchair casters come in composite or 6061 T6 aluminium, in 4”, 5” or 6” diameters.

  • Improve wheelchair agility
  • Head-turning style with impeccable design
  • Available in composite or aluminium