NXT BioFit Wheelchair Cushion

  • Multi-layer design
  • Comfortable design
  • Pressure redistribution
  • Moderate abductor


The NXT BioFit wheelchair cushion multi-layer design provides deep immersion, support and skin protection for users at medium to high risk of skin breakdown by redistributing pressure over the entire sitting surface of the cushion.

NXT wheelchair cushions have been designed for comfort, pressure redistribution and easy maintenance. The pre-ischial support prevents sliding and provides pelvic support. The moderate abductor/adductor contour ensures mid-line positioning of the femurs. The radius at the rear provides sacral support in addition to matching the contour of modular back supports. The bevel on the front edge accommodates foot propellers, users who wish to sit with a tight front frame angle, or those with tight hamstrings. NXT wheelchair cushions come standard with an outer and inner cover. The outer cover is an air mesh cover that provides comfort and keeps temperatures low. The inner cover is fluid-proof yet breathable. It is made of a multi-directional stretch fabric allowing proper immersion.

Preventing pressure ulcers

It can be difficult to completely prevent pressure ulcers, but there are some things you or your care team can do to reduce the risk.

These include:

  • Regularly changing your position – if you’re unable to change position yourself, a relative or carer will need to help you
  • Checking your skin every day for early signs and symptoms of pressure ulcers – this will be done by your care team if you’re in a hospital or care home
  • Have a healthy, balanced diet that contains enough protein and a good variety of vitamins and minerals – if you’re concerned about your diet or caring for someone whose diet may be poor, ask your GP or healthcare team for a referral to a dietitian
  • Stopping smoking – smoking makes you more likely to get pressure ulcers because of the damage caused to blood circulation

If you’re in a hospital or care home, your healthcare team should be aware of the risk of developing pressure ulcers. They should carry out a risk assessment, monitor your skin and use preventative measures, such as regular repositioning.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.


  • Soft density top layer for comfort and immersion
  • Blue Visco Gel Foam reduces heat buildup critical to minimize skin integrity issues
  • Medium Density Viso Foam provides improved support, positioning and immersion
  • Firm HR Moulded Layer for support, stability and durability with SIT Technology


  • Foam Cushion
  • Inner Cover
  • Outer Cover


  • The fluid proof incontinent outer cover
  • Replacement air mesh outer cover
  • Replacement inner cover
  • Pelvic obliquity/lateral pad
  • Solid seat insert

Solid seat insert

Solid seat insert

Pelvic Obliquity/Lateral Pads are available in 0.5” (1.3cm) or they can be doubled to 1” (2.5cm). They are easy to install in a variety of locations with double-sided tape and can be trimmed to fit. These pads can be used as a pelvic obliquity build up or adduction for thighs.

Anatomically shaped SPS (Selectively Perforated Softening) perforations are anatomically positioned to support the ischial/sacral area to prevent sliding and shear and maintain pelvic positioning. Provides immersion and lower pressures to the bony prominences while supporting surrounding areas that can take a higher load.


Slim profile solid seat inserts are available to provide a firm sitting surface and are contoured to eliminate the hammock effect of the wheelchair sling seat.

Bio-fit Cushion