Stealth Spectrum Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion

  • High-density molded foam base
  • Optional 4-way stretch poly liner
  • Quickly distributes moisture


The Stealth Spectrum gel skin protection and positioning (SPP) wheelchair & powerchair cushion is designed for comfort and moderate to specialized positioning.

Available in 14 inches (40.64 cm) to 24 inches (60.96 cm) widths and 16 inches (40.64 cm) to 24 inches (60.96 cm) depths. The Stealth Spectrum gel SPP cushion comes standard with a cover featuring Coolcore technology. The Coolcore cover offers several benefits over other cover options. It manages and distributes moisture quickly throughout the fabric, for starters, to decrease evaporation and drying time.

Another advantage is year-round temperature regulation allowing the spectrum gel SPP to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Finally, the Coolcore cooling technology is built into the fabric fibers, preventing any decline in performance and keeping its cooling properties. The Stealth Spectrum Gel SPP has a built-in handle for convenient carrying. An optional fluid-proof liner is available to protect against incontinence.

If requested, the stealth mesh cover can be substituted for the standard Coolcore cover.

  • Coolcore technology cover standard
  • Twin-cell, lightweight fluid insert under at-risk bony areas
  • Urethane liner for incontinence 4-way stretch poly liner (optional)
  • Lateral and pre-ischial shelf contoured, high-density molded foam base

Spectrum Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion

  • Skin Protection and Positioning
  • SunMate FRG foam top (SunMate FRG XXSoft (blue); Medsoft (green)) with twin cell ultra-lightweight viscous gel insert in ischial well, sacral relief CoolCore® standard
  • Weight capacity: 14” W: 175 lbs., 16-20” W: 350 lbs., 22+”W: 550 lbs.
  • Overall weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Height: 3”
  • Dimensions
    • 14”x18” up to 24”x26”
    • Odd sizes in 17” and 19”
    • SOF available
  • Order code: HCPCS: E2607/E2608


coolcore benefits banner

Preventing pressure ulcers

It can be difficult to prevent pressure ulcers completely, but there are some things you or your care team can do to reduce the risk.

These include:

  • Regularly changing your position – if you’re unable to change position yourself, a relative or carer will need to help you
  • Checking your skin every day for early signs and symptoms of pressure ulcers – this will be done by your care team if you’re in a hospital or care home
  • Have a healthy, balanced diet that contains enough protein and a good variety of vitamins and minerals – if you’re concerned about your diet or caring for someone whose diet may be poor, ask your GP or healthcare team for a referral to a dietitian
  • Stopping smoking – smoking makes you more likely to get pressure ulcers because of the damage caused to blood circulation

If you’re in a hospital or care home, your healthcare team should be aware of the risk of developing pressure ulcers. They should carry out a risk assessment, monitor your skin and use preventative measures, such as regular repositioning.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.


Spectrum Gel Cushion Additional Features & Benefits

Chemical Free Fabric Technology: Other brands’ materials typically contain topical chemicals that are toxic to your skin and lose their cooling effects after only a few washes. Coolcore cooling technology is incorporated into the fabric fibres, maintaining performance and cooling properties. In every weather, Coolcore’s unique technology allows for a controlled evaporative process that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Fabric Benefits

Coolcore’s chemical-free, proprietary fabrics result from years of research and development. They keep you more excellent, last longer, and shield you from the sun’s damaging rays (UPF).

The Cushions Thermoregulation line from Stealth is a fresh application, not a new technology. Coolcore Technology starts with cooling, but the proprietary yarn technology results in a better textile that regulates temperature all year. In the summer, a great foundation layer is also a terrific base layer in the winter.


What is Coolcore?

  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Chemical Free
  • Patented Technology
  • Durable – Last Longer
  • Better Cooling Ability
  • Year-Round Temperature Control
  • Protects from Sun’s Harmful Rays (UPF)

“Coolcore fabrics are chemical-free, whereas other cooling fabric manufacturers utilise a variety of chemicals to improve wicking, transfer, and evaporation. We completely overhauled the cooling fabric technology from the ground up.”

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