RAZ CAT Paediatric Shower Commode


RAZ Design CAT shower chair features a depth-adjustable back that provides growth capability, an essential component for paediatrics. Raz design compact attendant tilt shower commode chair is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of discerning healthcare professionals.

RAZ Design CAT chair provides the best fit for paediatrics, adolescents and smaller adults. RAZ Design CAT commode chair’s seat frame depth has been reduced and it also includes a depth-adjustable back which offers depths from 12″ to 15″ (to the front of the frame) or up to 17″ with the front of the seat overhanging the seat frame. CAT shower chair’s base and seat frames come with 18″ width so that the chair can still be positioned over a toilet.

Bariatric commodes

There are numerous models of commode which are explicitly designed for bariatric individuals. The term bariatric refers to severely overweight people to the extent that their day-to-day behaviour is inhibited. Bariatric commodes are heavy-duty bedside commodes for larger individuals, supporting anywhere from 375 lb to as much as 1500 lb, depending on the model.

In comparison, standard bedside commodes will generally support a person’s weight up to 300 – 350 lb, but you should always check, as some folding models will only support a maximum of 250lb. While not designed as a wheelchair, it does have small flip-down wheels, which enable it to be positioned as required before use.

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Headrest – large

  • headrest size is approximately 10” W x 6” H
  • integral skin foam headrest is easy to clean
  • the headrest is shaped to cradle the head and can be adjusted to fit looser or tighter
  • headrest support can be adjusted infinitely forward and backwards within a 5½” range, and vertically within an 11½” range
  • headrest angle can be adjusted for comfort
  • headrest – large and mounting fixtures are optional on all Raz models

Adjustable back (option)

  • adjusts to 85°, 90° and 95° back angle
  • provides height/angle adjustable armrests
  • includes locking armrest feature
  • available in 17”, 20” and 24” back height

Adjustable Footrests (Optional)

  • removable for transfers and cleaning
  • swing in and out easily
  • flip-up footplate
  • adjust for leg length without tools
  • available in regular length 16″-20½” and extended length 18″-22½”

 Directional caster lock (option)

  • keeps rear caster in forwarding position
  • improves straight-line steering
  • allows the dual-lock caster to lock independently for maximum stability during user transfers

Chest positioning strap

  • one-piece positioning strap with Velcro attaches around back posts
  • can be used for trunk support
  • can be adjusted to support the user in a forward leaning position for hygiene access to the user’s back
  • chest strap is kept in place by loops sewn into the back upholstery

Pelvic positioning strap (option) 

  • The pelvic positioning strap attaches to the backrest mounting plate through built-in slots
  • the pelvic strap uses 2” wide webbing and a Fastex buckle for one-handed operation

H-strap (option)

  • can be used to support users’ calves
  • attaches to footrests with Velcro
  • useful especially in a tilted position

Leg adductors (option)

  • can be used to help position legs
  • features multi-axis adjustment
  • comfortable 6” x 5” moulded foam pad


SPECIFICATIONS  Raz-CAT (Compact Attendant Tilt)
Weight Capacity 250 lbs (115 kg)
Frame Width(seat and Back frame)  18″ (46 cm)
Back Frame Width 14″ (35 cm), 16″ (40 cm), or 18″ (46 cm)
Overall Width (with standard armpad) 21.75″ (55 cm), 23″ (58 cm) with 18″ (46 cm) wide Back frame
Seat Width (commode seat) 18″ (46 cm)
Back Heights (top of seat to top of upholstery) 15″ or 18″ (38 cm or 46 cm)
Reclining Backs (top of seat to top of upholstery) 15″ or 18″ (38 cm or 46 cm)
Seat Depth (front of back post to front of seat) 11″ – 16″ (28 cm – 40 cm)
Overall length when Upright 32″ (81 cm)
Clearance Height Under 16.75″, 17.75″, 18.75″, 19.75″, 20.75″ (42.5, 45, 47.5, 50, 53 cm) with pan brackets

17.5″, 18.5″, 19.5″, 20.5″, 21.5″ (44.5, 47, 49.5, 52, 54.5 cm) without pan brackets

Armrest Height Above Seat(20” Adjust-Back)  15″ (38 cm) High Back: 5.5″ – 8″ in ½” increments (14 – 20 cm)
18″ (46 cm) High Back: 6.5″ – 9″ in ½” increments (16.5 – 23 cm)
Seat To Floor Height 21.5″ – 25.5″ in 1″ increments (55 – 65 cm)
Product Weight 55 lbs (25 kg)
Frame And Hardware Material Stainless Steel (Lifetime warranty against corrosion)