SD Motion Drive

  • Up to 15km range
  • Max speed 4 mph
  • Lightweight unit
  • Converts into electric wheelchairs
  • Optional assistant controller


SD Motion Drive converts your manual wheelchair into an electronically propelled chair using a simple add-on power pack and electric motors mounted discreetly on the wheels. As a result, you keep the look and feel of your manual wheelchair, with the added benefit of powered motion that gives you the option to cover longer distances and easily handle slopes or more tiring journeys.

The SD Motion Drive power pack fits onto the back of your wheelchair and runs the powerful motors, giving you up to 33km of range on a single charge. Take complete control using the simple joystick, or opt for an attendant controller to allow your helper or carer to take over. The wheels are fitted with quick-release mechanisms, so they’re easy to detach, store, or pop in the car boot. In addition, you can disconnect the motors any time you want to control your movement entirely by hand, so you know you’re always getting the type of wheelchair you want without compromise.

SD motion drive

The SD motion drive system is operated with a joystick controller and is compatible with a wide range of manual folding or fixed frame wheelchairs with 20″, 22″ or 24″ wheels.

  • Lightweight 14.7kg unit and 2.9kg NiMH battery
  • Up to 15km range with NiMH battery
  • Option of lithium battery for longer range
  • Optional assistant controller – ideal for people who tire easily, so that a carer can take over control

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SDMotionDrive is ideal if you:

  • have impaired strength or muscle weakness
  • find it difficult to propel yourself for as long as you’d like
  • want to combine the benefits of both power and manual wheelchairs
  • wish to move under your own steam for as long as possible, but would like the option for a carer to control the wheelchair when you get tired
  • wish to maintain independence but need a little extra power to enable you to do that


The Steering Developments SDMotionDrive is extremely reliable and customizable with a lightweight, compact design. We can adjust the speed and power levels to suit you, making your wheelchair fully personalised to your needs. Choose the type of battery that offers the performance level you want – Li-ion batteries give you a range of up to 33km, and you can always grab a couple of spare batteries to give you even further to travel.

If you have a folding or fixed frame wheelchair, with 20″, 22″ or 24″ wheels, the SDMotionDrive can provide all the power you’re looking for.

To try out the SDMotionDrive, or find out more about how it could help you, contact us for a free demonstration. You’re welcome to call us. Our expert team will be able to provide all the information you could possibly want, without any pressure, sales pitch, or expectation.