Southwold Recliner

  • Made-to-order
  • Single tilt-in-space mechanism
  • Easy-to-use control systems
  • Available in three backrest supports


The Pride Southwold recliner chair has a single tilt-in-space mechanism that simultaneously operates the backrest and footrest. The tilt-in-space action enables higher leg elevation for improved circulation. In addition, there is no friction or shear when the chair is in the tilt position as the seat-to-back angle remains constant. Simple, easy-to-use control systems. Each of our lift chairs comes with a simple, easy-to-use control system. Each control has light-emitting LED buttons and intelligent technology, which automatically switches the chair off after 20 seconds of being stationary.

The Pride Southwold is available in three backrest supports; Lumbar, Lateral and Waterfall. In addition, choose from three standard fabrics Mocha, Praline and French Grey. More fabrics are available on made-to-order.

Why single or double motor

Single motor chairs

A single-motor riser recliner chair is where one motor controls all of the electric functions on the chair. For example, the backrest, footrest and riser functions are all operated through a single set of buttons.

The chair can be put into a fully reclined position with the backrest reclined and the footrest raised, all by pressing the recline button. Next, the chair moves into a raised sit-to-stand position by pressing the rise button. The backrest will rise while the footrest drops, and then the whole chair will rise, all through that single motor.

Single-motor rise and recline chairs are less expensive than dual-motor riser chairs. This is because the single motor operation and simplistic controls are less costly to produce and, as a result, are less expensive to buy.

Dual motor chairs

As the name suggests, a dual motor riser recliner is where two motors control the chair. One motor operates the backrest whilst the other motor operates the footrest and riser function. Each motor has its own set of buttons, and you will notice the chair’s handset control has four buttons.

With the dual motor rise and recline chairs, the user has more flexibility in determining a position that they find comfortable. Furthermore, by reclining the backrest independently of the other functions, users can create very different seated positions for a single motor chair. This flexibility makes dual motor chairs more popular with elderly and disabled users.

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LED Control System

Simple, Easy to use LED control system comes as standard with all Hudson range lift chairs.

A Good Cause

The Hudson Range was named after one of our longest serving external sales reps Guy Hudson. Each type of chair has been named on behalf of Guy’s favourite places to visit. Guy sadly passed away September 2015 from a rare form of cancer. Guy and his family were supported by ‘AMMF’ the UK’s only Cholangiocarcinoma Charity. Through your support, donations and sales of the Hudson range, you have raised over £1,500 for AMMF.

Made in the UK

Pride teamed up with a UK Manufacturer to bring you a range of highly adaptable chairs, with that classic unmistakable British quality.

Hudson Swatches

The Hudson range is available in a various range of optional swatches.


Weight Capacity 20 Stone (127 kg)
Overall Width 83.82 cm (33″)
Standard Controls Simple, back lit controller
Seat Height 50.8 cm (20′)
Seat Depth 50.8 cm (20′)
Seat Width 50.8 cm (20′)
Overall Depth 96.52 cm (38″)
Top of back to seat
Notes Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or – 3%). The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.