Tour H

  • Black hard anodized
  • Anti-slip performance
  • High compatibility
  • Various sizes available


The Tour H push rim has a silicone anti-slip insert and offers a better grip that makes the wheelchair more manoeuvrable and easier to drive, especially on uneven terrain. The smooth black hard anodised aluminium sides minimise frictional heat during braking. Six-tab fitting makes this push rim suitable for most high-end wheels.


1 5/16″ Oval hand-rim – With high friction grip

  • Tabs – 2 positions, narrow and standard (added adjustability in standard position)
  • Black hard anodized
  • Wide gripping surface with silicone strip
  • Good anti-slip performance even when wet
  • Weight 1.8 lbs., Height 1 5/16″
  • Compatible with all our wheelchair models
  • Available in 22″, 24″, 25″ and 26″

Tips and advice

A wheelchair hand rim is part of the wheel the user comes into direct contact with to propel the chair. If they can seem like a very straightforward component of a wheelchair, many types of hand rims are available, each with a different impact on performance and comfort.

Manually propelling a wheelchair is an activity that has low mechanical efficiency; the energy put into propulsion is not proportional to the movement of the wheelchair and an active wheelchair user will push their hand rims 2000-3000 times per day. Due to these factors, upper extremity repetitive strain injuries are common for manual wheelchair users. Recent research suggests how a user propels his or her wheelchair over time can cause pain and injury to the upper extremity, especially in the shoulders and wrists. Specifically, the high force and high repetition from manual propulsion can cause damage to the median nerve of the wrist, causing carpal tunnel syndrome.

With as much interaction as the user has with the hand rim, we need to make sure they are given ample consideration during the prescription process. Matching the hand rim to the user can increase propulsion efficiency and effectively prevent upper extremity injuries. If upper extremity conditions already exist, changing features of the hand rim can help to reduce pain or the likelihood of further injury. Here will review hand rim features that can help us understand how to customize a hand rim for the user.

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