Excel G-Modular Wheelchair

  • Multi-functional footplate
  • Tension adjustable backrest
  • Easily adjustable
  • Weight capacity of 130 kg
  • Wide seat width


The Excel G-Modular is an easily adjustable prescriptive chair that gives the impression of being a truly bespoke product. All of the adjustable components on this chair are color coded in orange, so the user and the attendant have the instance know-how on adjusting the chair to the user’s specific needs and requirements. For example, changing the seat depth on this chair is extremely easy and done in 4 simple steps: Strip back the upholstery, unscrew the star knob, set the desired depth and re-tighten the star knob. Keeping in mind how user-friendly this chair is, even the least technically-minded people would be able to manage when it comes to configuring the adjustments.

Every user can be comfortable if equipped with eight tension straps as standard, an upgraded tension bar with a push-button locking system and a nylon padded backrest. Further commitment to user comfort, our design team has included an angle-adjustable backrest, easily adjustable from 85 – 105 degrees in 5-degree increments. All adjustments are engraved clearly into the chair’s frame to help guide the user or attendant.

Available to purchase/hire/rent in The United Arab Emirates.

General Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Recommendations

  • Daily Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Wipe off any visual dirt and debris and clean
    • Ensure parts are in working order and engaged adequately, especially wheel locks
  • Weekly Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Disinfect the wheelchair as needed
    • Check tire pressure and inflate if needed
    • Check wheel locks
  • Monthly Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Remove hair from casters
    • Inflate tires if needed
    • Check all hardware, and tighten as needed
  • Quarterly Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Check wheel locks after inflating tires
    • Free spin all wheels and casters to check bearings
    • Clean all parts while performing thorough maintenance
    • Check cushion and backrest, including padding/hardware/covers
  • Yearly Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Have the wheelchair inspected by a qualified technician

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  • Wide seat width range
  • Silver seating compatible
  • Multi-functional footplate
  • Tension adjustable backrest
  • Half-folding backrest (G-Modular FB)
  • Height and depth adjustable armrests
  • Flip backwards and removable armrests
  • Height-adjustable push handles (G-Modular EU)