Motion Composites Veloce Wheelchair

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Folding frame
  • Ultrarigid folding system
  • Weight capacity of 159 kg
  • Wheelchair weight 8.8 kg


The Veloce Carbon Fiber Ultralightweight Wheelchair by Motion Composites is designed with your active lifestyle in mind. Featuring a high-performance, ultralight carbon Mantis frame, hybrid rigid-folding design and a streamlined, sophisticated look, you’ll be going farther and faster in style with the Veloce.

What makes this different?

The Veloce’s ultra-lightweight frame is comprised of high-modulus T700 carbon fiber, which is the lightest in the industry. The high-performance carbon fiber allows for high specificity in every inch of the chair, ensuring rigidity in curves and contours. The Veloce’s frame construction easily absorbs vibrations, giving you a smoother ride than other ultralightweight wheelchairs. Coming in three crisp accent colors on the chair’s leg rests, the Veloce can match your style.

Why do we like it?

The unique Mantis frame of the Veloce synthesizes a boxed frame design in the back for enhanced cross-brace rigidity with a cantilever frame in the front, providing you with a sleek, high-end look. The high adjustability and customization ensure you get a chair designed for you. The Veloce’s Ultrarigid Folding System provides you with the performance and durability of ultralightweight rigid chairs while ensuring the sleekness and ease of portability of typical folding chairs. The 17.6-pound starting weight and 11-pound transport weight of the Veloce ensure your chair is easily handled, both in the chair and when toting it around in your car.

Adding to the overall luxe feel of the Veloce is the array of Motion Composites’ Newton Accessories, which include Newton One spoke wheels and Newton Gravity ultralight wheels.

General manual wheelchair maintenance recommendations

  • Daily maintenance recommendations:
    • Wipe off any visual dirt and debris and clean
    • Ensure parts are in working order and engaged adequately, especially wheel locks
  • Weekly maintenance recommendations:
    • Disinfect wheelchair as needed
    • Check tire pressure and inflate if needed
    • Check wheel locks
  • Monthly maintenance recommendations:
    • Remove hair from casters
    • Inflate tires if needed
    • Check all hardware, tighten as needed
  • Quarterly maintenance recommendations:
    • Check wheel locks after inflating tires
    • Free spin all wheels and casters to check bearings
    • Clean all parts while performing thorough maintenance
    • Check cushion and backrest, including padding/hardware/covers
  • Yearly maintenance recommendations:
    • Have the wheelchair inspected by a qualified technician

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Product Features

One of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world.

The Veloce is the most technologically advanced wheelchair for active users. It redefines what a wheelchair should be by offering unrivalled lightness, rigidity and responsiveness while retaining the all-important benefits of a compact folding system. With a transport weight of only 11.98 lbs. (5.43 kg), it feels like a Formula 1 but fits in the trunk of a Mini.

The unique Mantis frames.

Our engineers have created an entirely new type of wheelchair construction, inspired by the rigidity of box frames and the look and ride of cantilever frames. The result is a closed frame in the back to fit our ultra-rigid folding system with a minimalist front end. You get a full menu of configuration possibilities, along with outstanding aesthetics.

Get more mileage out of your energy.

Our engineers have optimized every detail of the Veloce to help you go farther and with greater efficiency. The symmetrical melded cross brace and oversized pivot axles work in concert, while our unique ultra-rigid Folding System maximizes frame rigidity and responsiveness.

Adjustability without the weight.

The Veloce is completely adjustable for a perfect fit. You can easily adjust front and rear seat-to-floor heights, seat slope and centre of gravity. Most of the lightweight options offered with our Helio line of wheelchairs are also compatible with the Veloce for true customization.

Head-turning design.

With its spirited Mantis frame, signature triangular tubing and carbon fibre finish featuring colour highlights, the Veloce is truly a feast for the eyes.

Service and Maintenance

Motion Composites recommends regular maintenance using their checklist:

  • Every Day Manual Wheelchair Checks.
  • Make sure the wheelchair rolls easily and straight.
  • Check for vibrations, noise or any deviation from normal functioning.
  • Make sure the wheel locks are working correctly.
  • Make sure the front stem is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Visually inspect the tires (front and rear) for debris, low pressure, flat spots or wear.
  • Make sure the anti-tipper tubes are locked in place (if equipped).
  • Visually inspect the fabric for protruding metal, rips or tears.
  • Make sure the handgrips are not loose (if equipped).
  • Check the hand rims for rough edges and ensure they are free of grease or other contaminants.
  • Checks for component interference.
  • Check for irregular noise and rattles.
  • Weekly Manual Wheelchair Checks
  • Check the tire pressure with a tire gauge.
  • Check the tension of the seat upholstery. It should be at a straight angle when the wheelchair is open and set in position.
  • Monthly Manual Wheelchair Checks
  • Check the wheel alignment.
  • Check that the fork bearings are moving freely.
  • Yearly Manual Wheelchair Checks
  • Have a complete inspection performed by a qualified technician.
  • Tire pressure can be adjusted by the owner or an assistant with the proper tools.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.

Technical Specifications

Frame Folding
Material T700 High-tensile strength carbon fiber
Transport Weight Lightest configuration: 19.4 lb. | 8.8 kg
Maximum User Weight 120 kg | 265 lb.
159kg | 350lb. (HD Kit)
Seat width 14 – 20″ | 36 – 51cm
Seat depth 14 – 20″ | 36 – 51cm
Front seat to floor height 14 – 21″ | 36 – 53cm
Rear seat to floor height 13 – 20″ | 34 – 51cm
Back height 9 – 21″ | 23 – 53cm
Armrest Height 8 – 14″ | 20 – 36cm
Front frame angle 70°
Back angle 85° – 110°
Wheel camber

Center of gravity 1 – 4″ | 2.5 – 10cm
Overall width 21 – 31″ | 53 – 80cm